About The Urban Mushroom

The Urban Mushroom is owned and operated by Maryann Faulkner who is licensed by the State of Michigan as a recognized forager.  Located in Comstock Park, a suburb of Grand Rapids, Michigan The Urban Mushroom not only offers a wide variety of gourmet mushrooms but also supports mushroom foraging, education and consulting.

We produce artisan, hand-grown gourmet mushrooms in a reclaimed urban space on Grand Rapids’ Southwest aside. Aside from growing fungus the old-fashioned way, we’re passionate about mycological education, and spreading the love of all things mycelial.

Aside from the above, we also offer garden and farm consulting, “All-In-One Commercial Mushroom Farm” starter kits, and grow supplies.

While for obvious reasons, we don’t grow mushrooms of the “magical” variety, we aim to bring a different kind of “mushroom magic” to our community, by not only making locally grown culinary mushrooms a staple of the West Michigan food shed, but also helping to establish a love for mushrooms as a food, medicine, environmental clean up tool, and even an entire industry, in the West Michigan area.

The Urban Mushroom produces organic, locally grown, gourmet mushrooms. Such as golden and grey oyster, Maitake,  an heirloom tropical Shitake and sometimes lions mane as well as many other varieties.

These mushrooms can be enjoyed at some of the finer restaurants in Grand Rapids, Michigan including Grove, Bistro Bella Vita, The Green Well and Butch’s Dry Dock in Holland. They can also be purchased at Martha’s Vineyard and Nourish Organic Market & Deli, as well as directly from The Urban Mushroom at The Fulton Street Farmers Market, Saturdays from 8am-1pm and the Bank Street Winter Market in Kalamazoo.


Our offices are located at:

4024 W River Dr NE

Comstock Park, Michigan 49321

Contact The Urban Mushroom by phone: 1-616-350-1544

Contact The Urban Mushroom via email: sales@TheUrbanMushroom.com




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