2014 Mushroom CSA

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A CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program is a way for community members to support and become true partners with local farms.  You pledge to support one or more local farms by paying at the beginning of the season for a share of the anticipated harvest. Then, you share the risks and rewards of food production with the farmers.

Once the harvest begins, you receive a weekly share of produce (in our case, mushrooms!). The upfront payment allows the farms to cover their costs for seeds (or, you know, mushroom spawn) and equipment, and YOU get months of farm fresh, healthy, gourmet mushrooms!

By becoming a 2014 Urban Mushroom CSA member, you aren’t just getting plump, freshly harvested mushrooms for your kitchen at a huge discount. You’re also becoming a partner in what we’re building here in West Michigan.

The first weekly boxes will be available the first week of May. Deliveries are available at no extra charge within the Grand Rapids city limits. For those outside of the city limits, we’ll be announcing a pickup location in the downtown area shortly.

All CSA Shares Include:

  • 1 box of gourmet, locally grown, chemical-free mushrooms per week for 16 weeks
  • A discount of up to 30% off of farmer’s market prices
  • Access to one of the healthiest and nutritionally complete super-foods on the planet
  • Delivery within the Grand Rapids city limits
  • Multiple varieties of Oyster mushrooms guaranteed each week. Additional varieties (Shiitake, Lion’s Mane, Enoki, and ???) depending on the species our chief cultivator is experimenting with at any given time.
  • Exclusive recipes every week
  • Knowing that you’re supporting a vibrant, sustainable, and resilient local foodshed
  • Early access to workshops and tours
  • Special surprises to be announced later. :-)

Full CSA Shares:  One-time payment of $160. Includes one full pound of mushrooms per week for 16 weeks at 30% off farmer’s market prices.

Half CSA Shares: One-time payment of $90. Includes 1/2 pound of mushrooms per week for 16 weeks at 20% off farmer’s market prices.

Many people wonder if they’ll be able to use a full pound of mushrooms per week. You’ll be surprised at how many mushrooms you go through once you begin incorporating these super-foods into your diet. One pound of mushrooms will last 2-3 meals if used in a side dish. Alternately, a pound is about right for one main course meal recipe that feeds 3-4 people. Don’t worry – we’ll include new recipes to try each week.

Questions? Call us at 616-264-9609 or email sales@theurbanmushroom.com