Trever is Leaving The Urban Mushroom

Guys, this is Trever. Big announcement today. I’m leaving the Urban Mushroom.

I stepped away from day to day operations about 3 weeks ago. I’m in talks with Mary Ann (our current CSA manager) to buy the company from me. For those who don’t know, Josh and Frank left the business over the summer. So I’ll be the last remaining founder to go.

I had a lot of fun, and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to all of our customers, our fans, our mycology friends, and those who’ve supported me personally. Particular shout outs go to Wendal Kane, Jacob Butler, Laura Casalletto, Gerree Serrels, and Myc O. Phile.

However, too many 80 hour weeks taking home $50 paychecks has worn down my wallet and my passion. I’m burned out, and it’s just time for me to move on.

Barring any hiccups, Mary Ann will finish paying me for the company and will take official ownership before the end of the year.

She’s taking on all remaining obligations, including the fulfillment of the fall CSA, and some of the remaining Indiegogo rewards. I’ll still be involved in fulfilling the higher end IGG awards.

I’m in talks to sign on to another local food related project soon, and I’m exploring the option of starting up another local mushroom related business. I’ll release details as soon as they’re available.

Again, huge thanks to everyone for their support.

Going forward, please refer any day-to-day customer service related inquiries to Mary Ann. She can be reached at or at 616-350-1544 (she’s more responsive via phone than email).

If you are unable to get ahold of her, or if you have high level inquiries about the business or about other business opportunities/partnerships etc. (or, ya know, you just want to chat) feel free to ping me at or 616-264-9609. If you won’t be offended by the Facebook posts of an anarcho-agrarian atheist, feel free to send me a friend request as well.

Best wishes all – see you around GR!

– Trever Clark