Back At The Fulton Street Farmers Market September 17th

Can’t make this stuff up! Mary Ann was supposed to be at the market this past Saturday but when she was foraging on Friday she somehow got some poison ivy or poison oak in her eyes and ended up in the emergency room. Since she is a one girl show when she’s out the show stops.  Mary Ann will be back at the Fulton Street Farmers Market Saturday September 17th. She hopefully be out herself or will be able to round up some helpers who will forage for her if she cannot. Black Trumpets, Chicken of the Woods, Puff and a variety of other mushrooms are in season. She should have some Maiitake there too. See you Saturday at the market.  Thank you for your understanding~



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Why Hasn’t Mary Ann Been At The Fulton Street Farmers Market?

Roger Faulkner
Mary Ann’s Father Roger Faulkner April 8, 1940 – July 2, 2016

You may have noticed that Mary Ann has not been at the market for the few weeks. Her father died unexpectedly over the 4th of July weekend. Understandably she has been grieving, staying close to family and trying to take care of her own two children as well. We’d like to thank you for your understanding during this very difficult time.

Please stop into the market on Saturday August 6th and Mary Ann or Francis can help you with all of your mushroom needs.***All CSA Customers…Mary Ann will make good on weeks missed of course. Please know she will take care of you~

Mary Ann’s  father Roger Faulkner studied physics and was a graduate of Princeton. He also worked for Oracle and wrote computer code. He was 76 years old and suffered a massive heart attack while mowing his lawn on Saturday July 2nd.

His obituary if you would like to learn more about this very special man~

In a special tribute never before done for a code writer, there was a tribute to Roger Faulkner from his colleagues in CA:
“Yesterday, for the very first time, a memoriam was inserted into the source code of Solaris in Roger’s name. Beyond his technical contributions, his name will live on in the product forever”.

Blake Jones a colleague writes: 

When I first interviewed with the Solaris kernel group, I remember sitting in Bryan Cantrill’s office while he showed me some of the neat new “/proc-based” process analysis tools that were coming in the upcoming release of Solaris. I was amazed by what these little things could do, and I said so. As it happened, Roger Faulkner walked by Bryan’s door just at that moment, leading Bryan to comment “if you think that’s impressive, that guy [pointing] is the man who invented /proc!” My response, strongly influenced by Wayne’s World, was to start bowing and saying “I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!”

Roger taught me about the importance of quality and careful testing: “A teaspoon of wine in a barrel full of sewage gives you a barrel full of sewage. A teaspoon of sewage in a barrel full of wine also gives you a barrel full of sewage.” He also personified the spirit of “nothing is untouchable” – if something needs to be fixed, it doesn’t matter how intimidating that part of the code might seem; it’s just code, it was written by humans, and it can be improved. Even into his last years, he was regularly doing substantial pieces of work and getting all the details right on the first try, in a way that most other engineers couldn’t match.

I was very sad to hear of Roger’s passing this weekend. Others have commented that he could be “gruff” at times, but that was just on the outside – he was actually very sweet. He was a dear man, and he will be missed.

Jonathan Adams another colleague writes:  

One of the most brilliant, incisive, and foundational contributors to the UNIX ecosystem passed away this past weekend. Roger Faulkner had worked on UNIX since 1976, and was an active contributor to Solaris up until his passing. He co-invented the /proc filesystem and debugger interface, and wrote the threading primitives we use in Solaris.

While he had no patience for fools, he was a patient (if gruff) teacher. He taught me so much (both directly and through his work) about good engineering practices, clarity, root-cause analysis, and designing multi-threaded algorithms for robustness.

He was always happy to share thoughts, ideas, the history of UNIX, Solaris, and other kernel internals, and was always open to discussing practical ideas about how things might be made better. He was an amazing colleague, who made so many of us better engineers by his example. He will be missed.

Please keep Mary Ann and her family in your thoughts and prayers~

A Young Roger Faulkner
A Young Roger Faulkner




MaryAnn Has Found Some Morel Mushrooms!

Michigan Morels



Some BIG Michigan Morels

It sure does look like MaryAnn has hunted down, captured and claimed some Michigan Morel Mushrooms also known as mmm, mmm good!  Make sure you stop out and see us at the Fulton Street Farmer’s Market this Friday and Saturday (on Fulton at the corner of Fuller.) Saturday we’ll be there from 8am-2pm sometimes longer if it’s busier.

Foraging In The Woods For Ramps

Ramps, to me, taste like a cross between a green onion and garlic. They are in season for such a short period of time it is best to buy them all up when you see them because within weeks they will be gone. I like to stir fry mine in a little extra virgin coconut oil…really the only oil I cook with because it’s just so good for you. Salt, pepper and whatever yummy veggies  or mushrooms you’d like to toss with it!


Can You Identify This Mushroom?

So in the Spring a few years ago a woman opened her shade and saw this growing out of the wood in the windowsill. She couldn’t believe her eyes, it even scared her a bit. So she put on a mask and some gloves and proceeded to break off the mushroom and dispose of it properly and clean everything else up with bleach!  There was mushroom dust all over the windowsill as you can see. So what is it?

mystery mushroomWhat is it AND most importantly was it edible?


RAMPS ARE BACK! So Are CSA’s and Foraging Fun Come See Us At The Fulton Street Farmer’s Market This Saturday!

Let The Foraging Fun Begin…

That Thar' Is Ramp Gold!13006614_10153895421450804_9001366303702218130_n

Guess What!? We will be at the Fulton Street Farmers Market (click the link for directions from your house) THIS weekend! Save the date, Saturday April 16th! We will have  CSA shares for sale. CSA shares are “Community Supported Agriculture” you front the farmer some money to help him grow what you like to eat…fresh, local, nutritious, real food. Each week or whatever your agreement you come to the market or wherever the farmer indicates and you pick up a pre-specified amount of fresh, locally grown food items. You know the guy directly who is growing your food. That makes me feel safe.


A "ramp" breaking through the snow in Spring Time

Mary Ann and her “shroom krew” have been out foraging far and wide for local samples of gourmet fare that may seem quite exotic to you. She’ll have plenty of examples of the foraging stash she hunted down. RAMPS ARE BACK!!!! That garlicky onion you love to love. They are foraging every day now so stop by the market on Saturday and inquire about joining Mary Ann on a foraging expedition and learn about when the is starting~