Fall Updates + The Next Mushroom CSA Is Now Open!

Our Fall CSA is Now Open!

A few hiccups in the process notwithstanding, our first mushroom CSA was a smashing success this summer. We learned a lot and tweaked a few things, and now we’re ready to open up the CSA program for fall!

—–>>> Click here to find out more about the fall CSA and to sign up!

Indiegogo and More:

In other news, two team members left us, and another one took their place. We said bon voyage and best wishes to Mr. Joshua Kruis, who departed in July, and then to Mr. Frank Montel, who left in August, while Mrs. Mary Ann Faulkner stepped in to fill their (very big) shoes. Mary Ann has brought her experience as a local farmer – formerly growing artisan, heirloom tomatoes –  to the fore, and has been whipping our farmer’s market program into shape.

Anyway… Where did the summer go?!? The past 3 months were amazing for us, and we’re still wrapping up our “Summer of Fundraising“.

We ran a successful Indiegogo campaign, raising over $4,000 that’s allowed us to continue to grow and expand. We were able to setup an arrangement to outsource a portion of our production process, and we’ll be building our new “pinning room” this weekend (8/23 – pics to come!).

If you contributed, THANK YOU SO MUCH! We’re currently in the process of fulfilling Indiegogo perks, and we can’t wait to get everyone’s schwag to them. And we’re not quite done yet! We’re still planning a fundraising/supporter’s party for early fall, and we’ll be launching a Teespring campaign as soon as we get the Indiegogo T-shirts delivered.

The following people contributed to our campaign, and we owe them a huge debt of gratitude:

Crystal Rose

John M Hanson

Meagan Fraser

Don Smalligan

Emilie Wapnick

Holly Bechiri

Laura Casaletto

Stacey Vugteveen

Beverly Ward

Michael Maeder

Matthew Robert Knaack

Kerry Larson

Ashlee Elliott

Gerin Moblo

Kristine J Gow

Metta Dwyer

Susan Wronski

Wendy E BooydeGraaff

Adam Farr

Eric Osborne

Jeffrey Hughes

James Kaiserlian

Veronica Minard

Carrie Chludzinski

Sara H Ponischil

Aidan Brady

Patricia Dancey

Chris Perkey

Paul Quinn

Scott Vandervelde

Karen L Garibaldi

Wendy Hammond

Seth Rivard

Wendy Norton

Rachel Crosby

Vladimir Pashkov

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Theodore Ward

Tiffany Ewigleben

Anita Gorsuch

Arin Thacker

Dawn Highhouse

Lisa DeFerrari

Sarah Schneider

Stephanie Sandberg

Sue Hohendorf

Nick Morse

Ryan Marion

Sarah Hodge

Shelly Stephens

Todd Townsend

Sandra York

George Carroll

Stephanie Milanowski

Eve McGivern